Beautiful affordable storage solution for anyone.

Parents looking for a beautiful way to hide all your kids crap ?!!! Here ya go!

Hello! Just wanted to share a quick decor idea for your home if you are low on space and need a piece of furniture that is attractive and able to hold a ton of stuff!

I bought the 12 cube storage organizer from Walmart and then went out and bought a bunch of different colored cubes based on the colors in my living room. Target and Walmart have a large variety of storage cubes and they are between $6-$12 . This was actually really fun doing the mix and match idea! (Which is a huge deal for me because I have OCD tendencies so even though I say โ€œmix and matchโ€ there is a total pattern to what I did LOL.)

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We still have 5 empty cubes right now (and these are big!) plenty of storage for all your kids things, books, pet things, cleaning supplies,literally anything! Itโ€™s amazing just HOW MUCH you can fit in one piece of furniture. I love pieces like this that start out plain and can be turned into whatever you want.

I hope this idea helps anyone whoโ€™s struggling to find space and storage In their home.


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