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Let me start by saying that as of right now I am nowhere near my “Green Living Goals”. For the past year I have made more conscious decisions, but now I am ready to completely change my ways! See the pics up top? that’s the products in my house RIGHT NOW and I have not even bought much of anything this whole year! It is just left over, and I feel like if I throw it away then I am REALLY being wasteful ๐Ÿ˜ข.

One of my goals is to have as little plastic in my house as humanly possible. I don’t want to have all different kinds of products filling my cabinets anymore. I want to have one reusable bottle for every cleaning solution including multipurpose cleaner, air freshener, wood cleaner, window cleaner, tub and tile cleaner etc. I also want to find refillable plastic free solutions for hair and body (this one I feel is going to be a little challenging). That being said, I love smells and am obsessed with my home smelling as phenomenal as possible this is going to be a journey LOL!

Currently I am subscribed to Grove which I absolutely love. Just the fact that their toilet paper is made from Bamboo that they grow and replenish rather than trees is incredible. I get the box shipped right on time to my door every month with a hand written note on it. Read here for more.

Grove Co. Reusable Glass Cleaning Spray Bottle

I currently have the beautiful glass reusable bottles from Grove as well as their cleaning concentrates, but I am curious as to what else is out there. I will be purchasing the same types of products from multiple “clean” companies and posting my reviews via blog/vlog. I am excited for this because if you are like me you want to make healthy choices for the planet and your family but also have an amazing smelling house!

The companies I will be reviewing are listed below. For this upcoming review I will be comparing the multipurpose cleaners from each company.





-Branch Basics.

There is so much elimination that needs to take place in my home. I think I may call it “THE PURGE”. It is insane how much plastic we use in our everyday lives. It is one of those things you don’t notice until it is brought to your attention. How much plastic do you have in your home?

I have food containers, cleaning products, body products, air fresheners, storage containers, detergents, utensils, it feels endless! But let me tell you what I HAVE changed so far in my household so I don’t feel like a total failure ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜


We have eliminated plastic water bottles and anything of that nature in my home and resorted to reusable insulated water bottles from Walmart for everyone in the house. These can be found in the camping section and they are THE BEST!

We have eliminated straws! This is a huge one . No-one should use plastic straws ever! Click here to read why. We now use reusable straws from bamboo and stainless Steele.

We no longer accept or use plastic shopping bags unless its an emergency. We have finally got in the habit of bringing reusable bags everywhere(which took a while…usually they would sit in the trunk forgotten ๐Ÿ™„ ). I make a point to turn down the offer of a plastic bag and say “I am trying to cut down on how much plastic I use.” This usually makes the person on the other end smile or make a comment about how they need to get better at making greener choices. YAY for inspiring! P.S the large bags at the checkout at Home Goods hold a ton and I have not broken one yet!

We have been buying organic produce that does not come wrapped in plastic (the carrots with the insane amount of greenery attached to them..they may look obnoxious but boy are they good!). I also purchased some eco-friendly recycled and reusable bags to put my produce in when shopping, so I don’t have to use the plastic bags the store provides.

I have switched to using glass bottles for cleaning products and using concentrates to refill them (working on finding the best brand for my home)

I have switched to purchasing “eco conscious and Green” products for my family’s hygiene. We love Beauty and Planet!

We have been conscious of recycling materials and repurposing them. For example, we cut down almost 40 tall pines and are repurposing them into lumber and planks to be used for building a surrounding fence for our property as well as a shed and a small barn in the near future. Also, we are currently trying to get the hang of what is and is not recyclable (different blog coming) A lot of people have no idea how to properly recycle, myself included. But if you print one of the recycling charts and leave it near your trash you will get the hang of it.

I bake a lot of our breads and “go tos” with natural chemical free ingredients from scratch and store them in reusable earth conscious bags. This eliminates consumption of processed foods wrapped in plastic.

-We are conscious of how much water we use when doing the dishes. We don’t currently have a dishwasher so we quickly get the dishes wet, soap them up all at once and then only turn the water on for the final rinse. This saves water and money.

We only do large loads of laundry on the cool or cold setting. This cuts back majorly on our water usage and electrical usage which is not only good for the environment but GOOD FOR YOUR WALLET!

We are conscious about our water usage when bathing. I have started setting a timer to make sure I don’t stay in the habit of taking unnecessarily long showers. We also limit baths since they require so much more water than a shower.

So, there is a few of the things my household has begun doing. What about you? Any tips and tricks you would like to share?!

I am beginning to experiment with creating natural products for the body. Once I find recipes worth sharing you will see a postโ™ฅ๏ธ




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