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The most sustainable thing you can do as a consumer is to consume less.

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I am so pleased to be able to share this product review with you!

I have been slowly cleansing my home and ridding it of chemicals and plastic. I have been replacing everything with natural solutions in reusable containers. So, not only are we making healthier choices for our home, but we are also creating more space and less clutter since we are no longer purchasing all different kinds of cleaners and products one after the next!

It has definitely taken some getting used to seeing as I am slightly obsessed with cleaning and making everything smell as wonderful as possible. However, I must admit, my house still smells good even without using all the strong scented products I have in the past.

Seeing as I have a video for the product review (located at bottom of blog or click here if you don’t like to read) I am going to use this post to elaborate on details that were not covered in the video.

Let’s get right to it shall we?

I researched quite a few companies and picked what I feel is the top five out there right now. I chose to review the multipurpose or all-purpose cleaner from each company along with their version of a reusable container.

  • Grove
  • Blue Land
  • Branch Basics
  • Supernatural
  • Cleancult

Below is my honest review of each product.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Click on the Brand name ๐Ÿ‘ˆ to be taken to their site if you want to check it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Otherwise I have included direct purchase links for the products that I would 100% recommend out of everything I tried. See bottom of post.


This cleaner came in a cardboard carton and the glass bottle was packaged separately. Unlike all the others, this cleaner is not a concentrate. You just pour it directly into your spray bottle and then you are good to go. Now, the smell was phenomenal, but the solution looked really thick which threw me off. The bottle is nice and has the stream or spray option and comes with the silicone sleeve that keeps the bottle from breaking.

Upon using the solution I found that it left an oily film on everything I cleaned which was really disappointing. I wanted this one to be “THE ONE” because it smelled so good. But I had to discontinue using it because I could not deal with the film it left behind. On a positive note, I also bought their hand soap and THAT PRODUCT was awesome!! one carton filled two of my hand soap pumps and it smells and feels great!

I will keep my eye out on Cleancult and see if they find a way to revamp this cleaner so it DOESN’T leave any residue behind. Until then, Ill stick with the hand soap ๐Ÿ˜Š


This cleaner came beautifully packaged with a nice frosted glass bottle and the cleaner concentrate. For this particular brand I had to buy the countertop cleaner since, at the time, they did not offer a multipurpose cleaner. The way this product is packaged and presented feels really special and high quality.

This cleaner worked great. The scent is very strong. It smells like minty herbs which I like but others in my house didn’t ๐Ÿ˜ข. It did not leave any oil or residue behind which was great. If you like strong mint and basil smells then this cleaner is right up your alley! But if you are looking for a more subtle smelling cleaner, this may not be the choice for you.

I am really excited to try other products from Supernatural after my experience with their countertop spray.


This kit blew me away ( watch the video and see why ). I didn’t realize I somehow bought their whole starter kit. The kit came with glass and mirror cleaner, multi-surface, bathroom cleaner and hand soap. Out of the four, the only ones that truly impressed me were the hand soap and the bathroom cleaner.

This company has somehow found a way to pack all of the needed cleaning solution ingredients into a single tablet.…it looks like a big breath mint. All you need is a bottle and some water and BAM you have a cleaner!

The packaging was absolutely stunning and a true pleasure to unpack and set up. This companies concept is very new and extremely cool. I have to be honest though, I was not blown away by the multi surface cleaner. I mean, it did its job don’t get me wrong but in comparison to some of the others it did not stand out. The bottle is beautiful though, so I will definitely keep the bottle even if I fill it with a different solution in the future.

I will certainly be purchasing from BlueLand again since I love the bathroom cleaner and their foaming hand soap.


I joined Grove about a year ago I think? I don’t know…. this 2020 year has been a blur to be honest.

I love this company and what they are doing to positively impact the earth. Although, I wish they wouldn’t offer so many products in plastic but I guess they have to appeal to the masses in order to slowly try to get them to join the true movement of going green and making choices that have the least negative impact on our environment.

Anyways, Groves multipurpose cleaner is a concentrate. I purchased the glass spray bottle in the silicone sleeve as well. This cleaner is everything you would expect. It smells light and clean and does its job as far as being usable on all surface types. I have zero complaints and the bottle is in the same shape as the day I got it about 6 months ago! I have used it on my counter, floor, wood and carpet. It has never let me down. Out of all the cleaners this one did smell the most similar to the chemical based cleaners I am used to using. However, the smell is so light and clean and the ingredients list does not appear to be chemical based sooo GO GROVE!

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Branch Basics

Okay, now THIS cleaner, if I had to pick a winner, would get first place. This cleaner is gentle, light and can truly be used on everything. What sets this cleaner apart is the fact that one cleaner can do everything! Or so they claim. I only used it on my counters, sink, wood table ,fridge and a couple other things. It did clean everything I used it on without leaving any residue behind. But I am yet to use it on laundry or serious stains. It did NOT work well on glass or mirrors though as it left behind a haze that took a while to get rid of.

This product has so many uses that they actually offer courses and guidance on how to make the most of your cleaner which is pretty cool. The cleaner comes with one solution called “The concentrate”. You simply mix the concentrate with water and BOOM you now have a bottle of magic.

I used this cleaner to deep clean my pet tanks and daughters toys. I honestly felt happy, like I was making a good choice using it. I will 100% continue to purchase this concentrate and use it throughout my house for years to come. If you suffer from allergies, are sensitive to smells or need a gentle but effective cleaner for all areas of your home, look no further. Branch Basics is the way to go!

All of these companies truly care about our planet and cutting down not only on carbon emissions but on consumers purchasing habits. I would recommend any one of these brands simply on the fact that I love and support what they are doing. I wish all companies would take a page out of the books of the 5 brands reviewed on this blog.


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