Luxuriously Natural DIY Lip Balm

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Let me ask you a question. How many lip balms, lip glosses and lipsticks do you have lying around?

I purged my home a few months ago and I am embarrassed to admit how many I had. Nope, I am not going to tell you. ..🤭

Okay fine. Twenty six! I had twenty six lip products accumulated. Half of which I don’t use but didn’t want to throw away because then I felt EXTRA wasteful. 😭

Now, I imagine some of you will be thinking, “Pshhhh twenty six? Girrrl I have fifty six!” But mind you, I cut down on my purchasing this type of stuff a while ago and yet, I still have a box full of this junk lying around my house.

Notice how I said junk? Yeah, that was intentional because that is what alot of this store bought stuff is. Oh come on you know it deep down inside…say it with me…IT’S JUNK! There are those few companies who truly put out product that isn’t loaded with chemicals and fragrance but we will save that for another post . 😉

Well, now that we have admitted the unfortunate truth, I offer you a very positive solution. I have been avidly researching, experimenting and concocting the perfect all natural lip balm recipe and guess what?…..I have found it and I’m sharing it with you 🙌

Something this incredible has to be shared.

I cannot begin to tell you how empowered I feel making my own products. Do you know how amazing it is to say, ” I need something good for my lips…oh wait I will just make an amazing blend” Or, “I need to get gifts for all my girlfriends…oh wait, I will make them all natural makeup that they will adore!”

You can literally create all of your own products naturally. But for this post we will just focus on our luscious lips. 💋💋💋

Why these ingredients?

Good question! The answers are located below the recipe ⬇️

I feel that you should understand the benefit behind each individual ingredient because that will allow you to see how unbelievable the combined ingredients are as a whole. You will be working with these particular ingredients a lot, if you choose to follow me on this journey. So you should probably know the ins and outs of each one and familiarize yourself with them . Don’t you think?

I am even going to tell you what is in most of the products you have been smothering all over your lips up until now. ⚠️ 😷 ⚠️ Keep reading.


Luxuriously Natural Lip Balm | DIY

Love and adore your lips by quenching them with this nutrient packed hydrating balm. A combination of Shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax with the addition of raw honey and avocado oil (optional). Whether you want a tinted pout or a natural sheen, once you make this balm you will never need to buy another lip product again! 

  • Author: She Lives Naturally
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: roughly 30 minutes
  • Total Time: Roughly 40 min- 1 hr
  • Yield: 15 ( 10g/10ml containers) 1x
  • Category: Health and Beauty
  • Method: Naturally made



Every ingredient has a hyperlink to my recommended product. 👍 


Here we go! 

1. Combine the shea butter and beeswax in a glass bowl and place your bowl over your saucepan that is filled about 1/3 of the way with warm water OR use a double boiler setup.


2. Bring the stovetop burner to high heat and stir the two together until the shea butter and beeswax start to melt together. (Takes about 7-8 minutes)


3. Once the two have begun to melt, reduce the heat to medium and add in your coconut oil.


Note: the beeswax will take the longest to melt so don’t panic. (It took me approximately 12 minutes until all three were completely melted)


4. Once all the ingredients have melted, you have two options.





1. Remove your bowl from the heat and place on a heat resistant surface. Be Careful!


2. Add the honey to the mix and whip the ingredients together either with a hand mixer, or by whisking rapidly by hand until the mix has a frothy look to it indicating that everything is mixed well. Then add the avocado oil (optional) and whisk again. This part is important because I have experienced the honey separate after the recipe cools because it wasn’t mixed in well enough (it tends to sink to the bottom).


3. Once everything is whisked together and combined you can add your essential oils and pigment if you so choose. Just make sure to continuously be re whipping the mixture so it stays combined.


4. Lastly fill up your containers with your beautifully made product and stick around for my tips on how to clean your tools and bowls!


Note: I steer away from plastic whenever possible. The containers I was using in this video were left over from years ago and I wanted to use them up. However, I have switched to aluminum and glass beauty containers. Click here to check it out





1. Get a larger bowl ready that is filled with ice water. When you remove your mixture from the heat, rather than setting it on a heat resistant surface, place it in the bowl of ice water and immediately start to whip in your honey and avocado oil (optional)


Note: This is supposed to help keep the product from being gritty and having the honey separate but honestly…it did NOT work for me (see video)


2. Once you see the mixture begin to cool, remove it from the ice bath and continue whipping until you can see everything is 100% combined.


3. Then go ahead and add any essential oils or pigment and refer to step 3 and 4 from option one since both processes have the same last 2 steps.


IMPORTANT:  I 100% recommend option 1 for this recipe. Option 2 failed me miserably. Also, many other recipes will tell you to mix everything at once over the heat, stir it and BOOM your done…but I have noticed a lot of separation that takes place after the fact so, I don’t recommend doing it that way either.




Shelf live is estimated one year.

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How will these ingredients benefit you and your life? Let’s talk about that.

Now, this may seem a little lengthy but trust me it is worth it! You will be jam packed full of useful knowledge by the end 😉. There is so much to be said for each individual ingredient but I did not want to write a novel. So, hopefully the information I DID elaborate on will be enough for you.


  • Hydrating
  • Protects the skin
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Quick absorption
  • Anti microbial and anti bacterial due to its lauric and caprylic acid content.
  • Natural

Choosing the right coconut oil is half the battle. You can’t just grab any coconut oil off the shelf and expect it to be the right kind for beauty products never mind your body. There are many different terms and labels. Cold pressed, expeller pressed, refined, unrefined. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?! Let’s find out shall we?

Refined coconut oil ( I use the term purified because it helps me remember which is which)- Is a manually processed form of oil made from copra which is dried coconut meat, NOT FRESH coconut meat like what is used in Unrefined oil . It gets deodorized and processed through high heat and then it gets bleached. It loses a ton of nutritional value and sometimes they even add additional chemicals and preservatives. Does that sound like something you would want to put on your skin? Not me! I don’t even want to put that in my body never mind on my face!

Unrefined (or NOT purified) – Is a simply extracted oil. This is also known as Virgin coconut oil because it is basically untouched. Apparently extra virgin coconut oil is not a real thing. It is simply a marketing scheme used to try to make a product seem more special than it is. So, if you see that label on your jar don’t get excited. Now ,this virgin oil is made by using non-copra. In other words they use fresh coconut meat and we like that! Because the oil starts from fresh meat there is no need for the purification process or use of chemical treatments that refined oil goes through. PHEW!

Expeller pressed Non chemical process. An expeller is a machine that literally expels and removes the oil from seeds by force. This process can lead to higher temperatures due to the friction created so some nutrient loss is possible.

Cold pressedNon chemical, Mechanical process of basically crushing seeds or nuts to extract the oil. Due to the fact that the seed or nut is kept under a certain temperature, they are able to maintain many of the natural antioxidants which is great!

Organic– Grown naturally without any funny business! No pesticides, no genetic modification….nothing!

In the end you want organic unrefined (virgin) coconut oil. Expeller pressed or cold pressed


  • Moisturizing
  • Protects lips
  • Vitamin A rich which is great for your cells and skin
  • Natural


  • Boosts collagen….WHAAAAAT! Yeah, it is true. I tried to prove it wrong but it’s a fact . SCORE!
  • Moisturizes and plumps lips up. Normally I would be like, “yeah SURE it plumps lips up…liar!” But I am telling you my lips were fuller after rubbing this balm on them all day long.
  • Nutrient rich and great for healing all kinds of skin issues including chapped lips!
  • Vitamin A and Vitamin E packed.
  • Natural

HONEY (Regular and in the Raw)

  • Vitamin C packed
  • Magical…..ok it’s not magic but it has been a healing aid forever and is used all over the world!
  • Vitamin B1 and B6 rich which is incredible for lips and skin nourishment.
  • Antibacterial which can really come in handy if you have a split lip or worse…a cold sore!
  • Removes dead and damaged skin cells from the surface due to its natural yet subtle exfoliation
  • Helps lips to actually draw in moisture and retain it. Can you believe that!
  • It is sweet! It’s not only pumped full of nutrients and benefits but it tastes amazing too 🤤
  • Natural


  • Softens skin and lips.
  • Fast absorption
  • Vitamin C,E,K and B6 rich
  • Sterolin which is a plant fat, helps the oil penetrate and get absorbed by the skin better than many other oils can
  • Natural


Why you should say goodbye to your store bought products!

OK. Now that you are an expert on what you SHOULD put on your lips let’s go over what you should NOT be putting on your beautiful pout.

I am not saying you should feel bad if you don’t dump all of your lipsticks in the trash right now (although that would be quite the statement and make a mean Instagram post 😉 ). All I want is for you and me to be aware. Hopefully that awareness will lead to better decisions that will benefit our beautiful bodies and eventually our planet ♥️ 🌎 .

Nasty Chemicals In Our Skin Care Products: 25 Safe Brands & Singles

Parabens Ugh, we all hate them! HORMONE DISRUPTORS is what they are. Because of this they are linked to breast cancer and skin cancer and are even linked to reduced testosterone in Men! NO THANKS, I want more babies!!!!

BHA and BHT- PRESERVATIVES! Let’s see, they are linked to hormone disruption, toxicity to organs including the reproductive organs. Oh and did I mention they are also linked to Cancer….once again, NO THANKS!

Mineral Oil and Petrolatum– Good ole petroleum jelly. Made from petroleum like we use in vehicles and $hit. Sure it gets “purified” but who the heck wants to put pore clogging goop that is machine processed on their face? Not me!

Fragrance– Yeah this one cracks me up. Sometimes also listed as flavor or as I like to call it, “mystery chemical crap fillers that companies don’t have to tell us about.” I am not kidding. Apparently it’s been like this for a VERY long time. Companies get a free pass on detailing what creates their fragrance as a way to keep their top secret chemical creations all to themselves. So you know what that means? They use all kinds of junk including all of those disgusting and dangerous chemicals you just read about. Imagine, we have been smothering our faces and bodies in these chemicals for years, having our kids do it too! Worst part is…these companies know it and yet they still pump out product one after the next.

Well you know what I say? Forget those companies and forget those products! I am going to make my own skin care and have total control over what goes on my face and body as well as my childrens.

What are your thoughts or opinions? I would love to hear them!


You will thank me.

  1. Do NOT try and wash everything right after or with hot water (remember oil and water don’t mix)
  2. Let everything cool at room temperature.
  3. Then use a rubber spatula and scrape the left over product out of your dishes and utensils
  4. Dispose the leftover product in the trash and THEN you can go ahead and clean with soap and water.
  5. I like to use Branch basics to clean up my kitchen after. Check out my All natural product review after this click here



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