Luxuriously Natural Lip Balm | DIY

Love and adore your lips by quenching them with this nutrient packed hydrating balm. A combination of Shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax with the addition of raw honey and avocado oil (optional). Whether you want a tinted pout or a natural sheen, once you make this balm you will never need to buy another lip product again! 



Every ingredient has a hyperlink to my recommended product. 👍 


Here we go! 

1. Combine the shea butter and beeswax in a glass bowl and place your bowl over your saucepan that is filled about 1/3 of the way with warm water OR use a double boiler setup.


2. Bring the stovetop burner to high heat and stir the two together until the shea butter and beeswax start to melt together. (Takes about 7-8 minutes)


3. Once the two have begun to melt, reduce the heat to medium and add in your coconut oil.


Note: the beeswax will take the longest to melt so don’t panic. (It took me approximately 12 minutes until all three were completely melted)


4. Once all the ingredients have melted, you have two options.





1. Remove your bowl from the heat and place on a heat resistant surface. Be Careful!


2. Add the honey to the mix and whip the ingredients together either with a hand mixer, or by whisking rapidly by hand until the mix has a frothy look to it indicating that everything is mixed well. Then add the avocado oil (optional) and whisk again. This part is important because I have experienced the honey separate after the recipe cools because it wasn’t mixed in well enough (it tends to sink to the bottom).


3. Once everything is whisked together and combined you can add your essential oils and pigment if you so choose. Just make sure to continuously be re whipping the mixture so it stays combined.


4. Lastly fill up your containers with your beautifully made product and stick around for my tips on how to clean your tools and bowls!


Note: I steer away from plastic whenever possible. The containers I was using in this video were left over from years ago and I wanted to use them up. However, I have switched to aluminum and glass beauty containers. Click here to check it out





1. Get a larger bowl ready that is filled with ice water. When you remove your mixture from the heat, rather than setting it on a heat resistant surface, place it in the bowl of ice water and immediately start to whip in your honey and avocado oil (optional)


Note: This is supposed to help keep the product from being gritty and having the honey separate but honestly…it did NOT work for me (see video)


2. Once you see the mixture begin to cool, remove it from the ice bath and continue whipping until you can see everything is 100% combined.


3. Then go ahead and add any essential oils or pigment and refer to step 3 and 4 from option one since both processes have the same last 2 steps.


IMPORTANT:  I 100% recommend option 1 for this recipe. Option 2 failed me miserably. Also, many other recipes will tell you to mix everything at once over the heat, stir it and BOOM your done…but I have noticed a lot of separation that takes place after the fact so, I don’t recommend doing it that way either.




Shelf live is estimated one year.

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