Essential Oils Product Review

Ola Prima Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil…OMG!

I just had to smother this page with images of these beautiful bottles! Aren’t they stunning? Scroll past them to read more

I have been in search for some beautiful smelling oils that are safe for topical use. I use them in DIY Lip products, body products among other things.

I kept striking out because when I would receive most oils the smells were not what I was expecting and not something I would want to put into a beauty supply. I do NOT overload my DIYs with fragrance, but sometimes its nice to open the lid of a lip scrub and go “Oh vanilla, I love that!”

With that being said, I was a little skeptical at the fact that these were like $9 a piece! But they are therapeutic grade and I have not had one issue with them!

They have over 20,000 ratings on Amazon and yes, there are a few bad reviews, but 70 % of the reviews are 5 star and then 13% 4 star! That is pretty good in my book.

Onto the scents.

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Vanilla- If vanilla had a warm smell, this would be it. It smells like a warm vanilla blanket that you want to wrap around yourself. It has a slight undertone of vanilla cookie but not overpowering. This scent is subtle. Perfect for beauty products and massage but probably not strong enough for a diffuser. Click here to check it out!

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Lemon- This literally smells like I cut a lemon in half and sniffed it! It is PERFECT! This is the cleanest and most natural lemon scented oil I have come across. This one is also a subtle scent so, not sure if it would be strong enough to make a whole room smell but it is certainly strong enough to make one of our DIY lotions or balms smell amazing! Click here to check it out

Peppermint oil benefits: Properties and uses

PeppermintThis is the one I am the most excited about. If you only plan on buying one out of the three I would get this one. I CANNOT WAIT to make more peppermint everything with this! Does anyone still buy Altoids ? I hope so, because that is going to be my reference point. You know when you pop open a box of Altoids it literally opens your nasal passageways because it is so strong but you love it because it is so minty, clean and delicious smelling? Well, that is this scent in a nutshell. This one could definitely be used for aromatherapy, diffusers, massage and beauty DIYs!! Click here and get it now!

All of these scents can be used in topical DIY products, aromatherapy, soaps and massage. But be mindful that you HAVE TO do your research and make sure your using a carrier oil that works for your skin etc. Donโ€™t forget to make sure to do a skin test on yourself before making a whole batch of product! You never know what your body might not agree with ๐Ÿ˜‰

Some products I will be creating in the near future will use essential oils for legitimate skincare benefits. For those recipes I will be using a higher grade oil backed by substantial proof that their products are 100% organic and unadulterated .

These oils on this review do state they are pure but I have not done a deep dive on the ingredients. I simply use them in basic DIYS like lip scrubs, body scrubs and balms and I am 100% satisfied with them โ™ฅ๏ธ

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions as I am always looking to expand my supply!

This Company has very good customer service and I love the card that they provide with purchase

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