DIY Scent away Toilet Spray

Why spend $10-$24 on something you can make yourself with 4 ingredients! You will never have to buy toilet spray again once you try this recipe. Plus it makes a great gift whether people want to admit it or not 😉 



Recipe can be applied to any size container using the percentages provided. Or use the fancy buttons above that say 1x,2x,3x, to manipulate the recipe based on how much you want to make! This recipe yields 2 oz.

  • 1.5 distilled water  (75%)
  • .24 ounces 70% Isopropyl alcohol  (12%)
  • .16 ounces essential oils of choice  (8%) I chose Cinnamon leaf e.o
  • .10 ounces vegetable glycerin(preferably palm oil free)  (5%)

Additional supplies needed (all product recommendations listed within “notes” section.)

  • Measuring containers
  • 2 oz spray container
  • Food scale
  • Stirring utensil
  • Mini funnel


  1. Gather supplies, food scale and containers for measuring (see product links in notes for recommendation that I use)
  2.  Add your ingredients one by one to your main mixing container
  3. Stir to combine
  4. Place mini funnel into your 2 oz spray container and fill
  5. Do not fill to the brim as we need space to shake the solution
  6. Cap the container and you are all set! Read notes for Tips and suggestions!


TIP: Always shake before use. Spray into the toilet (I do 4 sprays) before you do your business.

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