Simple Salve Recipe

Simple salve recipe that you can change to meet your needs. If you want a softer consistency then increase the oil ratio and decrease the wax ratio. Vice versa if you are looking for a firmer consistency. See notes for tips and recommendations.




  1. Heat your wax over medium low heat in a double boiler setup. This can also be done by placing a bowl into a pan filled 1/3rd with water. Just make sure the bowl does not touch the water and that the bowl is heat resistant.
  2. Once the wax is melted add your carrier oil and stir. Ensure the contents are completely liquified and there is no white or unmelted wax residue
  3. Turn off the heat
  4. Stir the contents and add in your essential oils of choice.
  5. Immediately pour the mixture into your sterilized containers and leave to cool and set.
  6. Once the product is set and cooled it is ready for use. 😊 


⭐️ If using candelilla wax it is generally recommended you use half of what is called for with beeswax. This is because candelilla wax is much harder than beeswax. For this recipe I would say use between .5 oz and .7 oz of candelilla wax as opposed to the 1 oz used for beeswax.

⭐️ Essential oils are a great addition for both medicinal properties and just overall scent and well being. I recently made a salve with only ylang ylang essential oil and I use it before bed because it’s soothing. If you are looking to make a soothing salve based on scents and not so much herbal infusions you can add up to 50 drops of essential oils for this recipe.

⭐️ Recommended containers – 2 oz tin containers, 4 oz gold tin containers, 2 oz glass container with gold tin lid

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