Revive your lips with this simple yet effective lip scrub  💋💋💋

Natural oils with a kick of cinnamon and peppermint not only help to remove  dead skin; they also help give those lips of yours a little plump!

This recipe filled a 1 ounce tin container which you can see in my short video! So, if you are doing this as gifts and not just for yourself, feel free to triple the recipe. If you’ll notice you can actually increase the ingredient list by clicking the little 2x or 3x on the recipe (upper right corner) 




  1. Combine organic brown sugar and cinnamon powder 
  2. Mix in jojoba oil and get out any major clumps
  3. Add vitamin E and 6-10 drops essential oil of your choice (this is optional )
  4. Combine the ingredients until all the oils have completely mixed in and coated the sugar.
  5. Spoon into tin containers or glass containers and store in a cool place. I recommend not using your fingers when using this scrub and using either a q-tip or beauty spatula. That way you are not introducing any bacteria into your beauteous scrub and the shelf life will be longer!


I would use this up within a couple of months. When we make preservative free products  we need to accept that the shelf life will not be as long.

Due to the cinnamon and peppermint you will notice a slight tingle. These 2 ingredients are what cause the plumping effect for the most part. The truth is, cinnamon and peppermint mildly irritate your lips as well as increase circulation causing a minor swelling effect. If this is something that does not appeal to you then feel free to cross those ingredients off your list and just make the scrub plain. Nothing wrong with that! 

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