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My name is Chelsea

I live with my daughter , fiancé and our Portuguese Water Dog, Kai (who is literally human, so he is my son) in Massachusetts. I have always had what seems like a never ending passion for a multitude of things which has at times been my downfall. I love creating, baking, boxing, building things, writing and playing music, decorating, among so many other hobbies. I want to do it all but then I get discouraged when reality slaps me in the face and I realize there just isn’t enough time in the day. Do you ever feel that way?

With a little maturity and life experience I have realized you CAN accomplish many things all at once, as long as you can keep your drive and focus consistent and don’t set unrealistic expectations. I realize that in the realm of blogging it is preferred to have one specific niche. But I don’tat least not yet. Do to my unconventional nature, I am going to try to incorporate a few “niches” into my blog all at once while I take you on my journey to self-sustainable living! But before we start, let me tell you my story in three phases. Recover, Reflect & Renew


I never thought I would be where I am today. Many times I have to stop and take a moment to be grateful of where I stand .. and that I am even standing. Starting at the age of thirteen I developed an eating disorder which took off rapidly and over the years developed into worse and worse behaviors and addictions. On the outside I looked thin and fit and do to my tall height of 5’11 often got told, “You should be a model”, which just fueled my unhealthy obsession with my appearance. On the inside, I was riddled with anxiety, low self-esteem, horrible thoughts, fear, sadness and just a hole that I couldn’t describe or fill. To this day I don’t know how I maintained being a high performing athlete in high school when every time I ate something, I had to run to the bathroom to get rid of it or was passing out in the shower and hiding it from everyone. To me food equaled getting fat, anxiety and not looking like that model in the magazine I was pouring over. In simple terms, to me FOOD was bad. I remember the stress I would feel when I ate and how I would do anything to rid myself of it. These were the same emotions I dealt with during my alcohol and drug addictions. It is astounding how all addictions are the same at their core.

I made such poor and unhealthy decisions. Whether it be the guys I dated, the diet pills I was eating all day in lieu of food or the substances I was putting into my body. I just couldn’t seem to find a reason to stop. Then I got pregnant and for the first time I was given something bigger than myself to take care of and that gave me a new perspective. I am not going to tell you I miraculously changed my ways over night because that would be a lie. It took time. But I got there. I missed a major milestone, my daughter taking her first steps, and let me tell you something, I will never miss anything like that again! Everything I do now is with love for my daughter and the goal that I can show her the type of woman she should aspire to be when she grows up. I want her to be fierce, independent, confident and NOT afraid of failure. I wish I could grab the younger version of myself and show her all of these things, but that’s ok. Sometimes the hardest lessons in life are the best ones that end up exposing the deepest parts of our souls that we otherwise would never have known or met..

I met my Fiancé in AA (alcoholics anonymous) . He was so focused on getting better and being a good person that even though I was still somewhat of a mess, just being around someone on such a strong path in the right direction rubbed off on me. Even though I was still going through my own struggles he would tell me I was a good mom and a good person every day until I started to believe it. Slowly I started believing in myself and most importantly in my ability to be a good mother. I also have the most amazing family that didn’t enable me but never gave up on me. Although I have a tremendous amount of guilt for all the pain and sorrow I put my family through, the only way I can mend it is by making the NOW the best it can be. Otherwise I am robbing today of its possibilities by focusing on a past I cannot change.

So, here I stand today a strong, honest, healthy and sober woman who is not only leading a life she never thought possible but is showing her daughter how to lead a life worth living. I hope to inspire others, including those who are struggling with addiction, to see that right choices lead to better lives. My 8 years of sobriety and happiness confirms the need for addicts or anyone really, to surround themselves with positivity and the “right people” in order to stay on the path that leads to them finding their true self. I hope I can be a positive person in YOUR life and lead YOU to making better choices for yourself and your family one recipe and DIY at a time.


Throughout my recovery process I have looked back into my past and identified the things that brought me sorrow and supported my unhealthy choices and the things that made me happy especially before I went down a self destructive path.

What made me happy was growing up with an abundance of animals on a small farm and being outside in the dirt. I loved caring for the animals, as they are so innocent and perfect, just like children. I embraced learning and experiencing new things every single day. I loved anything that had to do with nature. As long as I was active, I was happy. I loved going to an agricultural high school and majoring in agricultural mechanics, wood working, welding and small engine repair . I also loved decorating the house or bringing rooms back to life with frugality. I look at the world now and it is so cluttered with commercialism and a buy this, buy that mentality. Everything is wrapped in plastic or made to be “convenient” when in fact we are killing this place we call home. I feel like we are being mislead like a herd of sheep. All of those products that are getting pushed our way are filled with chemicals and fillers and a bunch of other stuff that we don’t want in or around our bodies. Even the products that claim to be all natural are NOT, except for a very few. I am done with it!

What made me sad in my past? A lot of things. It bothered me how complicated life was and how much STUFF I felt I always needed. How I felt like I was always trying to keep up but never could. I was always buying the newest beauty trends from makeup to facewash to hair products…you name it I was buying it! I was on a never ending chase trying to have better things than the next girl in line. To think for years my quality of life suffered all because of a wrong perspective. Well those days are gone my friends.

All we really need is what nature has already provided us for the most part. We need shelter, food, love , purpose and few other things to live comfortablyI truly believe these are the simple ingredients for an amazing life.


After all that reflecting it became clear to me what needed to happen.

I decided I am going to mold my life around what I need and what makes me happy all while being conscious about the planet we live on. I want to cut the ties to the commercialized side of life and be able to lead a self-sustaining lifestyle that I control. I want to fill my home with all natural products, foods and ingredients. Many of which will be grown from our own gardens or produced by our own animals (we are not there yet though)! I want to accent my home with furniture we have built or refurbished rather than constantly buying new things. In a nutshell, I want to cutback on what we consume as a whole and stop contributing to the issues we have created for our poor planet. I want to be part of the solution not the problem!

I want to motivate others to do the same. To live a good life and to make healthy choices. Whether that be healthy choices for your home, your body or your family. I hope through my blog and DIY content I can inspire you to try new things and make decisions that will not only benefit you but also benefit the world we live in. I hope to make you smile and to make you think about the life you are living today. I think we can all be a lot happier if we just live naturally.


  • DIYs and Tutorials Beauty and home
  • First home addition
  • Baking
  • Learning self-sustainable living
  • Going solar
  • Getting our first farm
  • Becoming a beekeeper
  • Learning to harvest honey
  • Eliminating stress the Natural way
  • Small Healthy habits
  • Reducing/Reusing/Recycling

Dedication: I dedicate this to my mother who always stood by my side. You always told me if you can’t say it write it. So, here goes nothing! 

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