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It is October 2020 and all of our projects seem to be coming together all at once. For a long period of time it looked like we lived in a desert. We cut down most of our trees to clear our lot and make room for gardens and a farm. I hated doing it, but we are repurposing the trees. We have a miller who has been cutting the trees into planks so we can use them to create a stunning and unique fence around the property. I can’t wait to share that with you!

Anyways, we have been surrounded by nothing but sand, dirt, wood, cement, brick and cobblestone for a while! I think people drove by our house and thought “yup those crazy people are still living in chaos. What the heck are they up to anyways!” But now we have a lawn that is growing (check out video here) and a beautiful patio that we made ourselves (see my DIY cobblestone patio blog or video ) along with our addition which is now in its final stages.

We still have a long way to go but we are FINALLY getting some visual satisfaction that our hard work is paying off!

Click through Slides to see the phases of an addition.

If you read my first blog on our addition (click here if you missed it) then you already know a little bit about the project! We hired professional builders to help us create the foundation (we used footings) and to frame the addition itself.

Once the structure was framed and weather tight we had to hire an insulation guy…..$$$

Once the insulation was done we had to hire a sheetrock guy (we did not have the time to DIY)…..$$$

Once the sheet rock was done we had to hire plasterers…..$$$

Once the plasterers were done, we decided we were going to do the finish work ourselves LOL.

John and I are not “professionals”, but we are very familiar with this kind of work and have been DIYing since I can remember. We both painted professionally at the beginning of our relationship and are always involved with something home rehab related. Whenever I pick up a paintbrush it takes me on a trip down memory lane…. Juuuust kidding! I do love going back to our roots though!

The video you are about to watch (below) was made to give you the overall concept of what you are looking at should you choose to do any type of finish work yourself and because it’s just cool to watch! You need the right tools and saws to make all of the necessary cuts which I did not include here. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment !

Look forward to my next blog! THE FLOORING | DIY installation |

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