Our DIY Modern Farmhouse Kitchen


It has been a journey so far in our cozy little home. We have slowly transformed almost every room into a totally unique design that maximizes comfort and functionality. When you choose to start living as sustainably as possible, you come to realize that bigger is not better and less is actually more. While we did add an addition onto our home (we needed a place to eat and gather) we kept it simple. Our pantry and laundry areas were made with 100% repurposed wood from our own land (minus the crates) and we built everything with our bare hands!

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I have emphatically let go of the idea of owning a gigantic multi-level home with extra rooms, 3 bathrooms and a sprawling finished basement. My family and I would never need that. I have truly fallen in love with the home I have and the fact that my households carbon footprint is smaller because of it. My goals and values have changed.

With every design and concept we create, we find ourselves weaving in sustainable processes and options more and more. We are still learning and growing and are nowhere near our “sustainable home” goals. But we are getting there.


For this kitchen transformation we did everything ourselves except the granite counters.

Flooring, painting, cabinet makeover, cabinet installation, tile, grout, stone work, serving window, wainscot, trim work; all done by hand saving THOUSANDS of dollars.

As you will see, the serving window was an original design that was also built out of 100% repurposed wood from our trees. The bi-fold shutters are multi-functional. They can open out against the living room walls to create a wood like frame which enhances the view of the kitchen and the “open floor” feel that so many long for nowadays. They can also be shut halfway, as you see in the pictures, to show off all of the beautiful hardware (which is our favorite way to leave them). Or the shutters can be fully closed to give the room a more intimate and secluded feeling (movie night anyone?)

Every design we have done starts out as nothing more than a drawing on a piece of paper that gets stuck on our fridge. Check it out. It’s pretty cool. John and I work so well together. I get these crazy ideas and start drawing like a mad woman and he just lets me do my thing. Then, as long as it’s a functional and realistic idea we agree on, we make it happen. The picture below was drawn and hung on our fridge until we began our renovations. It is mind-blowing to be standing in the finished kitchen looking down at this napkin sized sketch and thinking, “Wow, we made this happen.”

I never want to portray a boasting, “Look what I can do” energy. I share our journey, projects and triumphs to inspire you and show you that you can achieve the same things! We are not professionals here. We are homeowners and working people just like everyone else trying to balance it all. If you aren’t as savvy around tools, then ask some friends for help! Build up your sense of community.

In my home we want to be as self-sufficient and self-sustainable as possible. That ranges all the way from something as small as building your own coffee tray to something as vital as growing your own food! Don’t you want to gain a little more control over your life and depend on yourself first, before instantly looking for external assistance and resources? I know I do!

Anyways, that is enough of that. Below you will find the pictures of our journey from what the kitchen was to what it is now. You will also find quick, easy to follow, timestamped tutorials on how you, YES YOU, can tile and grout your own kitchen or bathroom!

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PHASE 1 | The Very Beginning

PHASE 2 | Removing the Closet and Building the Serving Window (While Also Building the Pantry)

PHASE 3 | The In Between (Where the Hardest Work Took Place)

PHASE 4 | The Finished Product (Almost) Still some lighting and Wood Accents to be Added.



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  1. Absolutely fabulous Chelsea! True work of art and outstanding workmanship!!!! You should be so proud!!!

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