Comfrey, Lavender & Sage Salt Bath Recipe

Botanical Bath Salt Recipe

The Recipe I am going to share with you is by far my favorite botanical bath blend. I recently waited until my daughter, fiancé, and pup were in bed and headed to the bathroom for some much-needed “calm time.” I lit my handmade repurposed candle, shut the lights off, and soaked in this glorious combination of salts, clays, botanical powders, and essential oils. The aroma alone is enough to put all of your worries to rest. But this recipe is so much more than just a good-smelling bath salt. 

I selected these ingredients with intention and purpose.

Every plant has its own chemical makeup and DNA that give it special properties. These properties are what help us identify whether a plant is beneficial or dangerous. Some plants contain anti-inflammatory properties, while others contain pain-relieving and wound healing properties. It is truly FASCINATING.

While I live for all things plants and want nothing more than for everyone to understand their strength and importance, I feel like many bloggers and companies exaggerate at times about just how “magical” and “powerful” their products and recipes are. I probably SHOULD over embellish and try to convince you that one bath of this enchanting recipe will heal you of all ailments! But I like to keep things real.

What you can always expect from my content is honestyNatural living is a legitimate lifestyle with genuine benefits. I don’t feel like I need to use any smoke and mirrors to prove how incredible the recipes and lifestyle choices I provide are for both you and your health.

So, without further ado; let’s discuss this sublime comfrey, lavender, and sage salt bath recipe!

The Benefits of This Wonderful Botanical Blend

Epsom Salt– Magnesium Sulfate. It is NOT table salt, regardless of the term “salt” used in the name. The magnesium in this chemical compound is what provides relief from muscle cramps and other ailments that plague our daily lives.

Magnesium is a mineral that our mind and body desperately need (2). This mineral has been used in the treatment and reduction of stress, anxiety, and migraines. But it is mostly known to help relieve sore muscles. (1) Therefore, it is the perfect base for any soothing bath salt recipe.

Bentonite Clay– A natural clay that is great at absorbing oils and toxins. It has detoxifying properties along with calcium, iron, and our favorite, magnesium (3).

Comfrey – Allantoin is the chemical compound that sets the comfrey plant apart from the rest(4). It is a fascinating substance that naturally occurs in our bodies. However, it is well known for being extracted from the comfrey plant and “used for its healing, soothing, and anti-irritating properties. Allantoin helps to heal wounds and skin irritations and stimulates the growth of healthy tissue.”- HMDB (5)

White Sage– Are you ready for the list of beneficial properties all housed within this incredible plant? Deep breath in…anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, aids in reducing anxiety and night sweats, calming, restorative deodorizing, wound healing, helps to reduce hot flashes. I am telling you the list even goes on past that. (6) White sage has been used in medicinal and ceremonial healing methods for thousands of years, and for good reason!

Clary Sage Essential Oil– Known to have a sweeter, lighter aroma that elicits feelings of extreme calm and relaxation. This essential oil will not bring the strong and spicy punch regular sage essential oil brings but rather a sedative effect that can calm the mind. I love to use this oil for clarity, relaxation, and headache relief.

Lavender Essential Oil– This has to be one of my top contenders for the overall “wellbeing” aroma. Lavender is known to support positive mood and energy. It is a great oil to use in synergies for headaches and pain relief. This oil will add soothing properties to your soak.

Comfrey, Lavender & Sage Bath Salt Recipe

Prep Time: 0 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
0 minutes
Servings: 20 ounces


  • Precise Kitchen Scale
  • Glass Tubes
  • Spice Grinder
  • Measuring boats
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Tea stirring spoons
  • Measuring glass
  • Jars
  • Mixing spoon
  • Twine


  • Measure out all of your ingredients (except for the essential oils) and add them to a large, sterilized, and dry mixing bowl.
  • Stir the ingredients until they are totally combined.
  • Add the essential oil blend one dropperful at a time to the bowl and mix. Do this until all of the essential oil has been added to the ingredients and evenly distributed and mixed in.
  • Package your final product into your containers of choice.
  • Store in a cool, dry area away from direct light.



If you have not worked with or used the ingredients in this recipe before, you should only use a small amount for your first bath.
Be mindful that baths are not the most sustainable option. We all need to remain conscious of our water usage and try to reduce the amounts we use whenever we can. But a bath every once in a while is nothing to feel guilty about. Moderation is key as with anything in life!

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Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

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