DIY countertop paint

Hello! I know this has nothing to do with natural living but it does have to do with saving money and feeling better about the home you live in!

I Just wanted to share a video I did on painting your counter tops if your in the mood for a change, which seems to be a theme with people seeing as we are all stuck home during this pandemic with time on our hands.

Painting your counter tops can be the right move for a few reasons.

  • Your wallet is NOT in the mood for a change seeing as getting brand new counters is $$$ and this paint kit is only $80
  • You are not sure what color countertops you want to purchase and really wish you could see and get used to the counter color you choose BEFORE spending thousands of dollars only to find out you hate the color or style you picked.
  • your countertops are UGGLLYYYY and something needs to be done now or you will lose your mind (that was me)

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