Benefits of Natural living | Stronger relationships

When I decided to change my way of living I knew that I would be changing my impact on the planet and how my home would be maintained as well as my families hygiene and health. What I didn’t realize was how much stronger I would be making my relationships with my daughter, fiancé, family and friends.

Before I started my journey on making natural skincare and all other things natural, my daughter would always stare at me putting on my lotions and makeups and ask if she could use them too. I always had to tell her, “No, these products aren’t made for children’s skin, they are too harsh and they would irritate you.” Not to mention they cost a fortune! She would look so defeated. She just wanted to be like mommy 😞 . But I would turn her down every time or try to convince her to use something else, but she’s a smart kid and she knew what I was doing.

Fast forward to my first recipe I ever created, which was an all natural organic oil cleanser. My daughter saw me making it and then using it. She did her normal routine of following me into the bathroom and staring at me while I did whatever skin care routine I had for the day. She said, ” I’m guessing I can’t use that right? It is made for adults only?” Then the lightbulb went off in my mind and I lit up like a child on Christmas morning. I replied, “Yes you can use it! You can use it with me! Let me show you how and we can do it together! You can use every single thing I make from here on out !” My little girl looked so genuinely excited and happy which made me feel like I had just won the lottery.

For months now she has been in our bathroom beside me cleansing and applying oils and using homemade butters with excitement and joy. I am educating her so she understands what everything is that she is putting on her precious little body. She loves it! We have become closer because of this and you would not believe the way this 8 year old is reading lists of ingredients now. She refuses to use anything with a chemical makeup that is not natural and organic. #PROUDMAMA

As for my family, friends and fiancé ; they get to reap the rewards of being testers of product creations and are so interested in what it is all about! One of my recipes had an incredible effect on healing severe skin conditions which I discovered through gifting to a family member who was suffering from diabetic dry skin and eczema.

Through explaining the ingredients and processes to others it actually gives me an even deeper understanding of it as well. We are having amazing conversations about this type of lifestyle and how inspirational it can be to see someone living naturally and in turn be motivated to think thoughts like, “I am not going to eat this because it’s full of junk and I don’t want that in my body.” Or, “I am not going to put this on my face because I can tell it has chemicals, synthetics and fillers and that’s not good for me.”

Being around people who are living natural based lifestyles and talking about it definitely has proven to have a trickle effect on others and energizes them to make better choices for themselves!

As for you, I hope you are living your life in a way that excites you everyday! Are you already leading a life you are proud of? Or making changes today that will help you succeed in achieving your “ideal life”? If not, I implore you to set goals and write down on paper what you want your life to look like in five years. Then make small changes everyday or every week to get you closer and closer to what is written on that piece of paper. Never get discouraged because tomorrow is always a new day to try again or do a little more. Just because you had a set back or didn’t reach a goal in time doesn’t mean you failed. There is literally no such thing as failure, just learning experiences. If I can do it YOU can do it my friend.

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