Simply Soothing Anti Aging Face Oil

It is incredible the benefits oils have on our skin. I feel like we are so misrepresented with information from the Cosmetic companies to think oil is bad for our faces when in fact it is the TOTAL OPPOSITE.

I have recently eliminated every single face cream I have ever bought and am starting completely from scratch. I have been using oils for cleansing and moisturizing and the change I have seen in my skin is indescribable. It almost makes me mad that I am only making this change now when I am 30. Why couldn’t I have discovered the truth in my twenties?! Oh well! Better late than never they say. It is NEVER too late to change and improve your skin through the use of natural, organic and 100% pure oils.

The combination of oils I am going to share with you in this recipe have proven to have serious benefits on the face. I have created this combination and used it daily as well as shared it with others, including those with very sensitive skin, and the feedback has all been the same. It is non- irritating, great for under eyes and really leaves skin feeling replenished and soothed. The combination has a medium/fast absorption rate depending on the amount used. It is also non-comedogenic (non pore clogging) which is exactly what we want for our face ♥️

Remember- Do NOT introduce water into the product. I will share recommendations for containers within the recipe.

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Benefits below 👇 – Notice how all the ingredients have antioxidants? This aids in fighting free radical damage which is a very important when it comes to maintaining our skins health. I am not saying that everything you need can be absorbed through the skin (because that is NOT true) but along with a vitamin rich diet, it doesn’t hurt to have a vitamin rich skin regimen now does it?!

You always want to make sure the oils and ingredients you use are unrefined, pure and unadulterated. The product should say this in the description. Each oil below is also a link to the oils I used in this recipe and on my skin regularly 😊

Rosehip Seed oil– Beautiful Amber color. Rich consistency with Vitamins A and C . Helps aid in skin rejuvenation . Great for mature skin.

Argon Oil– High Vitamin E content. Great for reducing scars and marks on the skin.

Pumpkin Seed Oil– High in omegas and Vitamin A and C which is known for its regenerative ability on skin.

Chamomile essential oil– Helps reduce inflammation, irritation and redness. Truly soothes the skin and adds a light calming scent to the oil.

ADDED BONUS- While these oils are not known for improving eyelash health, mine have started looking healthier and fuller since using oils and rubbing a little on my lashes every night. So, feel free to rub a little into your lash line whenever you apply this to your face and see if your eyelash health improves as well!

Simply Soothing Anti Aging Face Oil

Simply Soothing Anti Aging Face Oil

Yield: Varies
Prep Time: 8 minutes
Total Time: 8 minutes

This Simple yet powerful oil will replenish your entire face. From your under-eyes to lips to forehead lines. With antioxidant rich oils that have deep hydrating properties this combination oil will surely leave your face feeling pampered and hydrated.


  • Rosehip Seed oil
  • Argon Oil
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Chamomile Extract


⭐️ Select your container of choice. See recommendations within Notes.

⭐️ Fill container 3/4 with Rosehip seed oil

⭐️ Fill container 1/8 with Argon Oil

⭐️ Fill container with 1/8 Pumpkin seed oil or until almost full and put cap on

⭐️ Add 2-5 drops Chamomile essential oil depending on size of container. Best method is to add essential oil as 1-2% of total oil weight. So, you would use a scale, and keep track of total weight of all oils and then calculate and add essential oil based off of that.

⭐️ Rock your container back and forth to combine the ingredients



Rosehip Oil

Argon Oil

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Chamomile Essential Oil

Small containers with Corks

Containers with Droppers

*Make sure not to introduce water into your oil. This means you will need a container that will allow you to dispense the oil into your hand or use a dropper to remove the oil from the container. For small containers I use the cork bottles since I use the oil up quickly. However, for larger amounts I use a container with a dropper.

* Simply apply this oil to a cleansed face and massage in upward circles. Allow the oil to fully absorb. If you applied to much or find that some oil was not absorbed, simply remove with a soft cloth.

*If you have highly sensitive skin or have had any type of reaction to natural oils in the past, do a patch test before applying to your face.

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I appreciate you and your health ♥️



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