Elegant DIY Nature Night Light

I love the fact that cinnamon scented pine cones are in season. I actually have a tin flower vase full of them at my feet right now. However, they do lose their scent and then you are just left with pine cones. Rather than just throwing them out and wasting them why don’t we make a beautiful accent for your home?!

I love using pine cones in little décor projects. Whether it be decorating a wreath, tree or creating a pretty gift to brighten someone’s day.

Another wonderful option is keeping the pinecones for years to come. I simply keep some throughout my home and in my office and drop essential oils on them whenever I need a “pick me up” of some kind. If I have a headache I will drop some peppermint and Rosemary essential oils onto the cones. If I want to calm down I will use Ylang Ylang.


Here is a quick DIY that will brighten your day and literally brighten your night.



1. Get a glass jar with a lid. One that will fit about 5-8 little pine cones. 

2. Purchase a string of the thin led lights on a timer like the ones I listed below

3. Get however many pine cones that will fit in your jar.

Now that we have our supplies. First put your pines cones in the jar. Then weave the led light strand all around them making sure to put the battery pack in a spot that you can get to when you have to change the batteries. Enjoy the beautiful ambience 

Note: My daughter and I love these lights. They are so warm, simple and elegant and truly give the right touch to any room.

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