Learning to balance life, family and work while trying to build a new career through social media

Where I’m at | December 2020

To all of my friends out there , yes you, who have been hustling and trying to make a name for themselves as an entrepreneur through social media platforms…..I feel you.

I started this blog about 4 months ago with no major goal in mind. However, after getting a taste of what it is all about an unexpected fire was lit inside me and I realized…this is something I seriously want to pursue.

I think I have crammed about one years worth of data and knowledge into my head in about one week. That is how my brain works. I don’t naturally have an off switch when I find something I am passionate about and I am continuously working on recognizing when I SHOULD take a break and step away….and then actually doing it!

A little backstory. I am more of a manual labor kind of girl. Always have been. I have been building, baking, creating and DIY-ing since I can remember (still struggling to narrow it down to one niche). I prefer being outside ACTUALLY LIVING as opposed to being confined to my cell phone all day long. That being said, due to my lack of involvement with all the standard social media apps that are out there, I am way behind the times. I basically had to teach myself a crash course on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter…….I AM OUT OF BREATH. I have been reading, researching and loading up on multiple youtube content just trying to wrap my head around it all. I cannot believe the science behind all of these platforms and I still have no clue how they truly work. I know they have algorithms which for the life of me I cannot figure out yet lol; as well as multiple apps and options within the apps themselves!

Ontop of that, blogging itself and learning how to do it the right way. I have to admit, it is SO MUCH Harder and more complicated than I ever expected. I had never heard of a plugin or a widget and I certainly didn’t know anything about short codes or setting up analytics. Thank god for WordPress and their incredible, and in my opinion unmatchable, live customer support. They have saved me from tears so many times it is not even funny.

Oh, and can we talk about all the different freaking apps, presets and video/photo editing programs out there? I have such a heightened awareness and respect for every picture I see on Insta now… it actually inspires me. I hope one day I can create images that make people actually stop and click ! #goals 😆

Shoutout to my fellow bloggers who have spent a ridiculous amount of time creating, setting up, editing…editing some more and then posting your content only to find no one saw it or you missed the “magic window” for views. Got to love it.

🧘‍♀Balancing 🧘‍♀️

As I am sure you have experienced or now understand, it takes a lot of time, research, trial and error and attention to kick start your path towards entrepreneurial success. I am only JUST beginning and already I am having to step back and say , “Chelsea, it cannot all be done in one night. You have a daughter, fiancé, home, animals and job that need attention too.” Needless to say, it is tough. I want to just say, “Everything else can wait because I want to do what I want to do.” But we all know a healthy balanced life doesn’t work that way 😉

Rome was not built in one day

John Heywood

The above analogy is so perfect for this topic and pretty much any success in life. We cannot become truly successful overnight. Good things come with time patience and hard a$$ work. We have to allow ourselves time to learn and grow. There is so much information out there and it is constantly evolving and becoming more complex. I honestly feel like we are succeeding by simply keeping up sometimes! It’s funny, I have managed to learn SO MUCH and accomplish an incredible amount of personal and technical growth in such a small window of time…but then I watch these YouTube videos of people with hundreds of thousands of followers making millions of dollars and suddenly feel like there is no way I can ever know everything they know no matter how hard I try. Do you ever feel like that? I don’t know, maybe its just me!

What keeps me going is the passion I have for what I am doing now. I love every second of it even though it can be insanely hard at times. I cannot remember the last time I was so INTO what I was doing that I didn’t notice 3 hours had gone by, but that is what happens when I am creating content and writing about topics that I want to share with all of you. It’s pretty awesome.

Anyways back to balance. I am going to set an affirmation for myself and feel free to apply it to your life as well. Within these pages of “Perspectives” I hope to share insight about my life and what I am doing to work towards success. I will always make a point to KEEP IT REAL because that is the only way I know how to write! Until next time!

“I will not get discouraged when I don’t see immediate results. I will continue to grow and explore while discovering my brand; unveiling what works and what does not. I will not view anything as failure but rather an opportunity to learn and progress. I will dedicate as much time as I can to my new path while still maintaining healthy relationships and involvement with my life and loved ones. I will be patient, open-minded and most of all balanced in my mind, body and soul.”



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